Remembering 2020

Video transcript below:

DaisyWelcome to Cindee and Friend’s New Years Special.  Today the gang and I have assembled to talk about their thoughts on this past year and their hopes for the one to come.   Let’s start with an easy question.  
RapiYes, easy.  We like easy.  
DaisySince you seem to be ready to go, I will start with you Rapi.  What makes you happy?  
RapiYou know me Daisy, I am a happy go lucky cat  hahaha.  Seriously though, I think you can tell just by looking at me that food makes me happy.  
CindeeWhat kind of food Rapi?  
RapiAny kind! What makes you happy Cindee?  
CindeeDaisy is right, that isn’t too hard.  Being with friends and seeing them happy.  That is what makes me the happiest.  
YehudiThat’s a good answer Cindee!  I wish I would have thought of that.  
BellaBut what makes you happy Yehudi?  
YehudiI would have to say the red dot.  Just chasing it around the house gives me such a sense of peace and purpose.   
CindeeWhat about you Bella?  
RapiYeah Bella, what makes you happy?  
BellaGeez, I don’t know.  I think spending time with Mommy makes me the happiest, especially when she has the time to snuggle me.  That is purrrfection!  Daisy, what about you?  
DaisyMe?  It is definitely spending time with my humans.  Okay.  Next question.  What are you most thankful for that happened in 2020?  Cindee?  
CindeeWowwie, you put me on the spot Daisy.  2020 was such a strange year.  I am thankful, that so far my friends have remained pretty healthy and they I didn’t lose anyone to this yucky COVID yet.  That would be devastating.  
BellaCindee is right.  This disease is dangerous and terrible.  Every day that we all wake up and everyone is alive and healthy, that is something to be thankful for.  
YehudiI think you said what we are all thinking Bella.  
RapiI totally agree with everything the girls said.  I can’t even begin to imagine what like would be like without one of them or one our friends out their watching right now.  
DaisyRight Rapi!  With so much tragedy happening this past year, can you share with us one of your favorite happy memories?  Yehudi, let’s start with you.  
YehudiThis is easy.  It was Christmas Eve.  There is never enough room in the bed for all of us, but somehow on Christmas Eve this year, Bella and Cindee each gave up a little bit of their territory so I could have some space in the bed.  It was awesome!  
BellaIt was our pleasure Yehudi.  With all the sadness from the COVID, one happy thing happened.  Daddy got to work from home for a couple of months.  I really enjoyed hanging around and keeping his computer screen cleaned off with my body so he could see better to work.  Just that extra time with him was fantastic!  
RapiIt sure was Bella.  Plus he stayed in bed snuggling us extra in the morning instead of getting up early to get ready.  What made it even better was because Daddy didn’t get up neither did mommy.  
BellaAh yes.  Excellent snuggles! Hehehe  
CindeeTrue, the snuggle time was totally polar, but for me it was all the road trips and hiking I was able to do with mommy and daddy.  We went through forests and along lakes and even into mountains.   
DaisyDo you guys have any New Years resolutions for 2021?  Rapi?  
RapiI do Daisy!  This year, I am really going to try to slim down a little.  I know that if I don’t I will start to get carpet burn from dragging my tummy on the ground.  
YehudiPlus you will be healthier and live longer!   
RapiRight!  What’s your resolution Yehudi?  
YehudiThis year I am going to try to not be so antisocial.  I am going to make every effort to come down stairs and sit on the sofa and watch television with everyone instead of sitting all alone upstairs thinking about the meaning of life and my place in it.  
BellaReally?  That’s what you do up there?  
YehudiIt is.  What did you think I was doing?  
BellaI guess I never gave it much thought.  
CindeeHow about you Bella?  
BellaI am going to try and get along better with you Cindee.  
CindeeReally?  That’s what I was going to say hehehe  
BellaWe can do it Cindee!  
DaisyThat will just about bring us to the end of our New Year’s Special, but I have one last question for Cindee.  We all know that wishes do come true, maybe not always the way we hope for, but they do come true.  What is your one wish for next year Cindee?  
CindeeWell Daisy, if I only got one wish, I would wish that all of my friends, not just the ones in the room with me, but all of you out there who are watching this, my wish is that you have a year that is filled with new fantastic memories, good health, joy love and most important of all, bunches of sloppy slurpy kisses!   Have a happy new year friends!  

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