Behind the Scenes

Hello, this is Daisy here, and I would like to welcome you to Cindee and Friends: Behind the Scenes. It has been ten weeks since Cindee published her first story and the gang has gotten together to celebrate. Let’s get started!

Daisy: Cindee, why did you decide to write The Great Cookie Caper first? Why not start at the beginning and write about the day that you found your forever home?

Cindee: Well Daisy, I thought it would be a great way to introduce the whole gang. These stories, they are about our adventures, all of our adventures, not just mine.

Daisy: Tell me, how much truth is in The Great Cookie Caper and how much of it really is a tall tale?

Cindee: Alot of the story is truth. I feel like I was very honest about the way that I described everyone. It is important to me that everyone get’s to know my family as they really are, and Daisy, there really was a missing cookie!

Daisy: Did Bella really steal that cookie?

Cindee: Kind of.

Bella: I did, but I had alot of help!

Daisy: Time to come clean Bella. Who was your accomplice?

Bella: Rapi was the mastermind behind the whole thing!

Daisy: Oh my!

Rapi: Okay, I admit it. The whole thing was my idea. I just can’t resist a good cookie, or cracker, or cheese, oh heck, I just can’t resist food!

Daisy: Oh Rapi, and you let Bella take the fall for it.

Rapi: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Daisy: Rapi, In The Great Cookie Caper, Cindee portrays you as having a strong bond with her. Do you have that type of relationship with her in real life?

Rapi: We do. Definitely. Cindee is the center of my world. I knew there was something special about her that night we first met.

Cindee: Rapi is my best friend. When I first came to our forever home, he was the one who initially reach out to me and took me under his wing.

Daisy: Yes, you can see that in all the photos that we see of the two of you together. Do you and CIndee ever have disagreements?

Cindee: Sometimes.

Rapi: It usually involves food, hahaha. We both have this taste for fine cuisine and a very short patience when it comes to getting that tasty food.

Cindee: Very true!

Daisy: It seems like there is some animosity between you guys and Bella, at least in The Great Cookie Caper. Do you have that kind of standoffish relationship in real life?

Cindee: We do. It just feels like she thinks she is better than us.

Rapi: Right. We are always asking her to hang out or play, but very rarely does she accept our invitations.

Bella: It’s not that I am better than you. I am just terrified of you Cindee. You are so big and so gung ho, that at times I just feel like you are going to trample me.

Cindee: Gee Bella, I didn’t realize. I will try and be remember that from now on.

Daisy: Finding My Forever Home was a very emotional story. I cried more than a few times when I was reading it. Was it emotional for you to write Cindee?

Cindee: It was very emotional. I talked about things that I never thought I would be able to talk about. It dredged up alot of sad memories.

Daisy: Like what?

Cindee: Is it okay if we skip talking about this story Daisy? I am still not ready to talk about it.

Daisy: Sure, I completely understand. In Raparoo, Where are You, things were done a little differently right?

Cindee: Yes, Rapi and I collaborated on this story together. We thought it would be fabulous to be able to tell the story from each of our perspectives. What was it like to be the lost cat? How desperate was the search party? We both felt it was important to see the complete story.

Rapi: I enjoyed the experience. Cindee gave me alot of great advise on how to express my thoughts and feelings.

Daisy: You brought two old friends who are at the Rainbow Bridge into this story.

Rapi: We thought it was important to do that. They are a huge part of our family.

Cindee: They helped shape us into who we are today.

Daisy: They both seem loyal, yet devious, each in their own way. Is that how you remember them?

Rapi: Oh yes, especially Bennie.

Bella: She was definitely the original gangster!

Cindee: That part of the story about us taking over the world … it was all true!

Rapi: Yeah, still remember that … “Kid with my brains and your brawn we can take over the world!”

Yehudi: She was kind of scary though!

Rapi: Yes, she could be very scary.

Cindee: She was a crazy cat.

Bella: She was all those things, but she took me in and was my like a momma to me.

Rapi: That’s true. Bennie could be very compassionate and loving.

Cindee: Really. But you know, one second she could be laughing and playing and the next she could be munching on the back of your neck for no reason at all.

Rapi: That’s right Cindee, but you know, when she was around you felt completely safe. She wasn’t going to let anyone mess with her family. That’s what we were to her, her family.

Daisy: What about Cosita?

Cindee: She was devious too, but in a much different way. She could be a trouble maker. In the story, when she catches that bird, that was a true story. I didn’t think she was ever going to let that bird go.

Rapi: She was fearless too. There was nothing that could scare that dog.

Cindee: Except for Bennie!

Bella: Yeah, Bennie did scare her.

Daisy: Did Bennie really push you out of the window Rapi?

Rapi: That’s how I remember it.

Daisy: Tell me about Moving Day?

Yehudi: It was awful.

Rapi: The worst!

Bella: I don’t want to move ever again.

Daisy: Cindee?

Cindee: I threw up. Alot.

Daisy: Ewwwww. Did the window incident really happen?

Cindee: Oh my gosh! It did. It was a complete misunderstanding. I had no intention of jumping. I accidentally stepped on the button that opens the window. That was all there was to it, but everyone else blew it way out of proportion.

Rapi: Mommy went insane!

Cindee: hahaha, she did!

Daisy: Everyone wants to know, what was up with you and Tavo?

Cindee: We are just friends.

Rapi: Friends that kiss!

Bella: Rapi, give the girl a little respect.

Cindee: No, really. We were just friends. I would be lying if I said there weren’t feelings there, but nothing ever became of them.

Daisy: Any regrets about leaving New York City?

Bella: Nooooooooo!

Yehudi: None at all.

Rapi: No way man, we have all kinds of extra space to enjoy and play in now.

Cindee: At first it was hard. Leaving friends behind and starting new is never easy. But now? Now it’s great! I get to go out with Mommy and Daddy and explore nature every weekend. What could be better?

Daisy: What inspired you to write To Grandmother’s House We Go?

Cindee: My Daddy.

Daisy: How?

Cindee: We all love listening to him tell stories about growing up and what life was like at Grandma’s house.

Daisy: So the whole story was a tall tale?

Cindee: The tallest! Grandpa and Grandma went to the Rainbow Bridge a long long time ago, way before any of us were born. Sadly, we never got to meet them. So, no, none of the story was true. Well, almost none of it. The ghosts were real.

Daisy: The ghosts were true?

Cindee: Kind of. We have heard all of the ghost stories about Grandma’s house and we decided we would put our own little spin on it.

Daisy: So, Bella, you wrote The Tale of the Kitty Keeper?

Bella: I did! Thank you Cindee for letting me share it.

Cindee: Your welcome Bella. It was a pleasure, and it was a fabulous story too!

Bella: It was completely one hundred percent true. I remember how shocked I was to find out that Mommy and Daddy were the Kitty Keepers!

Rapi: It took me by surprise too!

Yehudi: Didn’t you guys think it was strange that we had all these kittens and sick cats coming and going all the time?

Bella: Since you put it that way Yehudi, I guess we were kind of blind to everything that was going on.

Rapi: I guess, deep down, we always kind of knew. We just didn’t want to admit it.

Daisy: Rapi, is there any truth to the stories that Daddy put on his winter coat and gloves whenever you would have to leave the house?

Rapi: I am embarrassed to say, yes it is true. In A Day at the Vet’s, they actually did have to trap me in the bathroom. For some reason, I always seem to get trapped in the bathroom.

Cindee: Truth be told, Bella is way worse than Rapi.

Bella: It’s true, I resemble that remark. Hehehe.

Rapi: Cindee and I have never been to the vet together though. I have been with Bennie one time.

Yehudi: While we are being honest, I must admit that I am a red dot addict.

Cindee: Yehudi is so good at the chase. I always get into trouble because I just want to chase that dot with her.

Daisy: Finally, that brings us to the Pajama Party. That didn’t really happen did it?

Yehudi: It sure did happen. Maybe not exactly like the story, but we love pajama parties.

Rapi: Oh yes, We all love wearing pajamas!

Bella: All of us?

Rapi: Okay, Bella doesn’t like pajamas.

Daisy: What kind of fear would the Fear Monster attack you with?

Rapi: My fear is that I will run out of food. I think it has something to do with when I was little. Mommy and Daddy tell me that I looked like I was starving to death the day they rescued me.

Bella: I have trust issues. For some reason, I can’t seem to be able to trust anyone. I think it is because of the Kitty Keeper. I know the truth now, but still, it haunts me.

Yehudi: I am afraid of crowded rooms. I really am a loner at heart.

Daisy: What about you Cindee?

Cindee: If the Fear Monster wanted to attack me, he would attack me with the threat of being abandoned. All my life I have been scared to death that some monster would came and take away all the people that I love.

Daisy: Thank you, all of you for taking the time to share with us, and for taking us behind the scenes. We can’t wait to read about more of your adventures. To read more stories by Cindee and the Gang click on the Tall Tales section of this website.

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