Meet the Gang!

Cinnamon Bagunca Moore:

Cindee was born in Miami. We know very little of Cindee’s early history, only that she was found abandoned in a cardboard box early one morning when she was a few weeks old. Cindee is a very complex girl. She is very caring and compassionate, but has an extraordinarily difficult time showing that side of herself because of her fears. It is through these pages that she is comfortable enough to share herself with the wider world.

Raposo Juan-Pablo Moore:

Raposa (pronounced Haposo ), was born in Doral, Florida. He got his name because it means little fox in Portuguese. Somehow, Rapi became separated from his family and was found alone in an office park. When found he was skin and bones with little to no strength. Nicknamed Rapi (pronounced Hoppy), he soon developed a reputation for hitting on all the girls, no matter what the species. Rapi has grown to be Cindee’s best friend. The two of the them spend much of their free time together.

Bella Donna Moore:

Bella was born in the Wynwood section of Miami. She was discovered wandering around lost in an area that had been mostly warehouses. This cute kitty was originally named Belo, until it was discovered he was a she at which time she became Bella. Chic, stylish and glam are just a few ways this kitty cat describes herself.

Cassie Yehudi Moore:

Cassie goes by her middle name because she feels it better embraces her New York upbringing. Yehudi was born in the Forest Park neighborhood in Queens, New York. This girl is a small bundle of twitchy, nervous energy. Yehudi is always at the center of any playtime activities, often drawing those around her into her raucous activities. She is the life of the party, and oddly enough a loner at the same time.

Cosita Linda Moore:

Cosita is the only one to live in the pack that was adopted, the rest where all homeless before joining the pack. Her name, for the most part was very fitting of her personality, as it means “pretty little thing”, in Spanish. In her mind, Cosita was the boss of the house, fearing no one except Bencinha. Cosita was diagnosed with Cancer and has since passed on, where she waits for her friends at the Rainbow Bridge.


Bencinha Conchita Moore:

Bencinha, which is Portuguese meaning little blessing, was nicknamed Bennie, and was also known by all the furbabies in the house as “The Original Gangster”. Bennie was the first pack member, who was found in a thunderstorm crying under Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom balcony just weeks after they got married. Bennie, was loved and feared by all. She had a personality that was constantly shifting from minute to minute between wanting to be loved and wanting to lash out. Like Cosita, Bennie also passed from Cancer and is waiting for her friends at the Rainbow Bridge

Author: Cindee

Just a brown eyed girl trekking through life with my friends!

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