Be Holy

Being holy is a an ongoing process. A process that will take a lifetime to achieve. Let’s face it, we don’t wake up in the morning having every aspect of our lives completely changed. It takes time to develop new habits and new ways of living.

After all, we were born with this innate inclination do be evil, to be selfish, self centered, taking care of me at all costs. We were born as anti-Jesus’s so to speak. We are not good at forgiving, its not second nature to stop and help someone in need, and we want to ditch that annoying friend so that we can be happier.

Maybe being holy and living a Jesus centered life is about transforming. Jesus reminds us that to be holy we need to love our neighbor whether they are our friend or enemy. We need to stop and feed the hungry and help the homeless find homes. Oh yeah, and that annoying friend the internet is telling us to ditch? Maybe, just maybe, they are in our life to give us the opportunity to be holy. Maybe the two of us can be transformed together.

I pray that you have a blessed day, and that you are a blessing today!

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