Flood of Negativity

“God looked at the earth, he saw that people had ruined it. Violence was everywhere, and it had ruined their life on earth.”

-Genesis 6:11-12

My son and his wife had joined us for dinner.  We had a good time catching up on the events of the previous week, and afterwards we gathered in front of the television to watch a movie.  The news was playing across the screen as we discussed what to watch, when my son turned to me and remarked how the world is in so much chaos these days. 

Hours later, the movie had ended, the children had gone home, Simone and the dog had gone up to bed and a quietness had fallen over the house.  I pulled out my Bible and it fell open to Genesis chapter six.  I was about to flip over to James which I had been studying, when a section of text caught my eye and brought my son’s comment back to mind.

The story of Noah was so familiar that I had always skimmed over it in a way.  But now, it stared me in the face.  The One who made all things had looked at the earth, and he saw that we humans were ruining his creation.  A truth that we take for granted slapped me in the face.  There are consequences for what we do. It was our behavior that led to the flood.

Thousands of years after Noah, Jesus would walk the earth and tell us the same thing, talking about sowing and reaping.  If we continue to sow negativity, greed and selfishness, we will reap a world filled with anger and violence, like that in Noah’s day. 

Our Father has blessed us, however, with the ability to choose freely.  We can exercise that choice to sow peace, generosity and love.  We can choose to follow the blueprint that Jesus has given us.  We can choose to take action and be a part in healing creation.

That seems like a lot of responsibility.  But God does tell us, me and you, in Deuteronomy that it is not too difficult for you, nor is it far off.  Jesus tells us to plant seeds of love in the lives of our neighbors, so I will work to keep these reminders in the foremost of my thoughts as I strive to do my part in sowing positive seeds in my world.  Will you join me and what actions can we take?  Let me know in the comments below!

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