About The Trek

This site is about the journey of the soul, about how to live life in a way that the soul can grow, mature and transform.

At the beginning of all things, the creator decided to make us in his own image. But maybe that image isn’t necessarily a physical carbon copy, but maybe the image that we are is like the one found in the mirror that we look at every day. A reflection of the one who made the mirror.

If the creator is love, then perhaps we were created as a means of reflecting that love in the way that we choose to live. And that brings us to this site and this journey. For me, it is about reflecting God’s love in the way that I live, about putting belief into action.

I would like to extend an invitation to you as you read this. An invitation to become a fellow trekker as we travel through the expanse that is life. Will you be a fellow travel companion?

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