I have always had a passion for the world around me and my place in it. Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with nature and with animals and as I child I would wonder what they were thinking.

Now an adult, I often find myself sitting someplace in the house and I will look up and find some form of activity or communication going on amongst the four legged members of my family, and I wonder, what are they talking about?

Truth be told, I love all of them, for each of them holds a special place within me, but as you can guess, Cinnamon, or Cindee as her friends call her has grown to be my muse.

Cindee has seen many struggles in her life. I can see the scars, some physical, some emotional, and it is those scars that have drawn me to her. It is as though through her eyes she has reached out to some place in the depths of my soul and asked me to tell her story, yet not just her story, but the tales that all of us, whether we are four legged or two legged, must face in our lives.

It is my wish that you enjoy the stories that flow out onto these pages, and I also hope that you can find your place within theirs. To begin, please click on the post it note’s above to explore!

– H. Scott Moore

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